Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghost of Ultraman!

Howdy folks! It's time to start painting our new Ultraman statue! To begin, I paint the beaks and eyes of the birds and the big sunshine face in a yellow base color. The reason why I did this part first is because yellow paint does NOT wanna cover any other color without applying somewhere around a hundred coats. This way I can overlap the outlines with my yellows, then come back in with my sky color and paint over the yellow that is outside of the outlines.

Next, I add yellow-orange shadows and a slightly lighter yellow highlight to the beaks and eyes and also rough in the irises. Using the same colors I flesh out the sun and the flames around it using more reds and oranges.

Now it's time to cut in around all of that yellow with the sky. I'll save the birds until I get near the end of the job. As you guys familiar with my work know, I paint in a very cartoony style with lots of visible brushstrokes and bright colors, and this piece is no exception!

And here's the sky all painted!

Next we move onto the clouds. I used white, light grays, and purples. The tentacles on the legs are gonna be purple, so I wanted a little purple somewhere else on the piece.

 Now a few more white highlights on the clouds...

Up next is the pie tin! And since I had the grays all mixed, I figured I may as well paint the skull and bones on the little pirate flag.

Now it's time for the pie...

Looks yummy, right?
Now using the same brown palette, let's whip out that dingy, what do you say? No, not that one, get your mind outta the gutter.

And finally the mast and the rudder!

That's all for this round! Next time we'll get started on the water and the tentacles and see how far we can get with the rest of it! Hope you're all doing well!