Monday, March 5, 2012

The Curse of Ultraman!

Howdy folks! It's finally time to wrap up the painting on the second Ultraman statue! This time, we're gonna begin with the water on the legs. I did a base coat using some oceany greens that I whipped up.

Here's his cute butt that all the ladies love.
 After I had the base color applied, I decided that I need to incorporate some blues in to the water. And I needed BIG BOLD BRUSHSTROKES!

My palette of greens and blues
It was a little difficult getting into his inner thighs with the wavy lines, but when It was all done, it looked like...THIS!

Now for the part I've been dreading: the tentacles. It got a little confusing in a couple of places figuring out which way the tentacles were turning, and I got tired of scooching around on the floor and spinning the statue around too.

I had planned on adding the little suckers all over, but decided against it for two reasons: I liked the lines of the tentacles without them, and I was getting awfully damn tired of sitting on the floor and painting tentacles! Here's how they turned out...

Next it was on to my little salty dog and the finishing up the pirate flag.

At this point I also added a few highlights to the tops of the waves, little knots tying the flag to the mast, and, of course, his eyebrows, and called him done.

Now that everything else was finished, it was time to finally finish up the whole thing by painting the black birds. I have a bit of an unsteady hand, especially when painting upright instead of on a flat surface, so applying the black around the eyes smoothly and as circular as possible was my main concern.

Now just to fill them in with black, add a few highlights on the feathers and we'll call him done!

So, other than fixing some highlights on the pup's nose that I wasn't pleased with and adding a few lighter highlights on the feathers he was all finished! So here's the final piece in all its splendor.

Well, that's it for this one kiddies! Hope you all like it and that you're all doing great! Take care for now!

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